The Walking Dead – Mid Season Finale Review


**** Warning Read at your own risk spoilers are sure to follow.

I’m going to start this off with a refresher incase any one is having a hard time rembering  some details on how we got to this situation. Hopefully everyone here knows exactly what happened up until this point. But if not here is a refresher.

Towards the ending of Season 4 Beth and Daryl have escaped the prison together but become seperated when they are attacked by walkers in the house that they are staying in. Beth is able to escape while Daryl is able to hold of the walkers, once she is outside he makes his escape and follows after her. But before he could catch up to her , he notices her stuff on the ground and a car fleeing the scene. So one can only assume that she had been abducted which she was. From that point on, Daryl tries to go after Beth by following the direction the car traveled or where he thought it may go but has no luck. After trying to locate Beth, Daryl runs into another group of survivors and tags along with them all while still looking for beth. Shortly after linking up with this group of people they run into Rick where Daryl goes back to with him and tells him that “Beth is just gone” meaning that she could be either dead or alive.

Now jumping back to the present time in The Walking Dead, Daryl has found out where Beth maybe hiding because he found another car with the same cross on it that had taken Beth earlier. So he and Carol jump into a car they found and tail it all the way back into Atlanta where The Walking Dead Series had started. While searching they run into a kid Noah who tells them, he is trying to get his friend Beth out of the hospital. Up until this point the rest of the group has escaped from another “prison” called Terminus where they are about to be killed and eaten by the controlling group. Which makes you wonder if Rick and his group would be capable of doing something so horrifying as that. After escaping the group is back together again where they meet this pastor in a church who seems to have a shady past and is incapable of defending him self from the walkers. But the Terminus members catch up and capture Bob and eat his leg. Which makes you think have those people really snapped  or are they just doing what needs to be done to survive, where as Ricks group hasnt had to resort to such extreme measures even though they where attacked and forced out of their camp.

When Daryl gets back and tells Rick they have found Beth. Rick comes up with a plan to use Noah as bait and to capture some of the Police officers that gaurd Grady Hospital. The plan is some what of a success with some trouble along the way and they manage to capture 3 of Dawns officers. Dawn is the person in charge of the officers at Grady Hospital. While figuring out what to do next with the officers, Rick is talked down from doing a full on assault of the hospital to get both Carol and Beth back. So they instead hatch a plan to trade the officers for their friends back. But before they can do this, one of the officers had escaped. Rick persues the Officer and ends up executing him because he wouldnt stop and couldnt bring him with because he had just hit him with the police car. I wonder if Rick really had to kill him or if it was because of what had happend at Terminus and how that had changed him after.


Eventually Rick and the other are able to make Contact with Dawn and they set up a prisoner exchange inside Grady Hospital. I found it rather odd that they would do it inside the hospital because Rick, Sasha, Daryl and the others could have been lead into a trap or captured them selves. After reaching the meeting point in the hospital the exchange takes place and everyone starts to leave, but Dawn has other plans and demands that Rick hand over Noah or no body walks out of the hospital. After arguing with Rick and the others about giving him up, Beth walks over to Dawn and begins to talk to her but instead stabs her with a pair of surgical scissors. Almost immediately, Dawn has shot Beth in the head and killed her. Immidiately after that Daryl,with cat like reflexes shoots Dawn in the head and alsmost causes a shoot out in the hall way. But the officers dont react because it was an eye for an eye situation so to speak. The episode ends with Glen, Maggie, and the others walking up to the hospital just as Rick and his group walk out with Daryl carrying Beths dead body. Maggie sees this and completely breaks down because she has effectivly just lost all of her blood relatives. Thats where this part of The Walking Dead Ends, and leaves you wondering how the group will react to Beth being killed, and what they are going to do now that they found out there was no cure after all.


The Verdict

There is a couple of ways that I feel about Beths death. I feel that it was both neccessary, but could have been avoided. It was neccessary on the fact that maybe this did allow Noah and the others to leave unharmed, but on the other hand was her sacrafice really neccessary for a person she hardly new when they could have found another way to get him out. When she was killed I was completely caught by surprise, because I thought she was just going to speak with Dawn, but in stead she stabbed her with those scissors. Jumping back to the Priest, I feel like his motives and past havent been establised yet, and that he doesnt have any real place in the series other than the fact that he causes trouble by his actions. I’m also pretty sure that if Rick where present during his little act he wouldnt have been as forgiving as Carl and Michonne. Which also surprises that Carl didnt freak out on Pastor Gabriel. Other than some cool scenes in this episode of The Walking Dead, it left me wanting more from the Grady story line. For instance would Rick really just let them be after Beth had just been killed? OR would he come back, kill them en mass and take in any one who wanted to come back. On the other hand, what if Beth wasnt killed, would they have accepted Dawns offer to stay at the hospital? I guess we will never know the answers to these questions or we will, and will just have to wait until The Walking Dead comes back after their mid-season break.

I’m giving this episode 3.5/5 feet: Even though Rick and Daryl did their best to rescue Carol and Beth, it leaves you wondering if things could have ended differently.