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Tonight’s episode of Supernatural reminded me of a movie where the person is a teen but just wants to be grown up so that they can experience life. I believe it was called 13 going on 30. Yes that’s right, I have seen that movie. So what, my sister watched it all of the time. Any who, on tonight’s episode Sam and Dean are still trying to figure out a way to remove the mark of Kane from Deans arm. But all of their research has come up empty and, they where left with only cryptic messages when they were interoging Metatron, the scribe of Heaven. To get Deans mind off of things, Sam discovers a case where people are disappearing and only their clothes are left behind.

Initially you might think it was Aliens but that is quickly squashed when a big gruesome man with a scarred face is the one who is behind the disappearances. It turns out he is helping out a witch who is turning people into kids again so tht she can devour them. It isn’t said whether or not Hanse, (the gruesome looking man I was referring to) is eating people as well. But it just seems like he is the Witches lackey so to speak. While investigating Dean get turned into his 14 year old self again and has a difficult time with ut the help of Sam to kill the witch and Hansel. An interesting thing that is revealed though is that this Witch has been sent from the Grand Convent to kill or capture (not to sure which) Crowley’s mother. Crowley’s mother is the witch they both ran into at a hotel after Dean had been unturned from demon.

Supernatural: About A Boy

It will be interesting to see how killing the witch from the grand convent will play in their favor in the coming episodes. It was interesting that the writers incorporated some thing from the Brothers Grimm folk lore because they did similar things to monsters in their books that they wrote. I would be extremely excited if the writers from he tv show GRIMM and Supernatural did a cross over episode, because they are both facing some similar monsters at some points through out their history. Even though this is highly unlikely one can hope cant they? Over all I thought this was a great episode and stayed true to what Supernatural is. I am pleased they continue to tie in previous episodes with current ones and provide you with a quick history of some recent events that have happened. I wish other shows would take some notes on this, and starting doing it instead of jumping to something new every week.

I am going to give tonight’s episode 4/5 big feet. Even though they stayed true to hunting monsters and rescuing people from a horrible death, I feel like the the body switching age changing card has been played a lot in movies and TV.

What was your favorite part of tonight’s episode? What do you think, did it stay true to what super natural is? leave your comments below!

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