Guardians Of The Galaxy -Review




Recently I had the opportunity to go see the box office hit, The Guardians Of The Galaxy with my oldman. But before we get started I feel obligated to tell you that I did infact see this movie in the theater which adds to the overall experience of seeing said movie. I know I could have just waited to watch an online version, but then the quality would have been tarrible and would have given me a jaded opinion because the back of some dummies head was bocking the screen for the whole movie. But I degress.

Background Knowledge

In A nutshell The Guardians Of The Galaxy is a story of just that. A group of misfits, an assasin named Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and his body Guard tree Groot, an abductee from earth who goes by the name Star-Lord aka Peter Quil, and a convict known as Drax The Destroyer. These unlikly heroes all cross paths because of the Infinity Stone. Peter Is trying to get it so he can get his next pig payday by selling it on the black market. Rocket and Groot are after Peter because his old boss put a bounty on his head. Gamora is trying to get the stone to stop Ronan from destroying Xandar. Drax comes into play by helping them escape from prison and sticks around because he wants to kill Ronan for kiling his wife and daughter.

With out going into further detail and completely ruining the movie for you, this is pretty much the plott through out the movie, minus some filler details. If you want those details I suggest you go and see the movie.

The Good

After watching the movie in its entirety, I do believe that The Guardians Of The Galaxy was a fantastic movie. It had some , Packed with inbetween and also included some elements of – dare I say it – a love story ( I shutter at just the thought of that). As far as the comedy goes, it was enjoyable and easy to understand, where as in some the jokes are hard to understand at all. Because of this, I found my self laughing and enjoying the movie more because of its added value that it brought.

The action and component was fantastic. It made me feel as though I was right along with the characters partaking in their quest. The action sequences where not to overbearing, and the adventure portions great in that they didnt try to put you to sleep. Because of that balance of action and adveture, I feel that those elements whole heartedly complimented one another through out the entire film.

Even though I may not enjoy lovie dovie type movies, the love story portion only really came about torwards the second half/ end of the movie. This was because Peter, who is a player of the ladies, started to feel a connection between himself and Gamora. I believe this really solidified the character devlopment between those two, and shaped the enviroment for the rest of The Guardians Of The Galaxy. It will be interesting to see how this relationship develops in any future sequels.

The Bad

As far as bad things go, there were not to many things that bothered me. The only thing I believe that is worth mentioning is that I thought it was going to be a more serious movie similar to Iron Man or Captain America. This is due to how the previews and everything leading up to the movie only showed the seroius action bits and really none of the comedic side of the film. Because of this and how the movie started it threw me off and left me feeling like I was missing out on some scenes that were meant to be serious.


Would I recommend The Guardians Of The Galaxy to friends and family? ABOSLUTELY I would! Aside from the on con I listed, this is a fun movie for anyone to go see, including your kids.

I am giving The Guardians Of The Galaxy a rating of 4.5/5 Big feet