Dr.Wells Pleads With The Flash Not To Tell Him The Future

A new clip has been released from the CW for tonights episode of The Flash: Rogue Time.

In last weeks episode of The Flash was absolutely amazing. But things start to go south at the very end of the episode. While The Flash is trying to protect the city from a massive tidal wave, he is moving so fast that he actually goes back in time. By going back in time, the events of that day havent happened yet. What will Barry do? Will he try to do the same thing he did before, or will he use his time travel to his advantage to change the future?

Since Barry traveled back in time as The Flash he goes to Dr. Wells ( Eobard Thawne) for help. But Wells is way to terrified to know about the future. Dr. Wells warns Barry that “Time is an extremely fragile construct,” “Any deviation, however small, can result in a cataclysm.”

Want to know what happens? Tune into the CW at 8/7c to find out!



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