Arrow VS ATOM = One Epic Battle

CW’s Arrow could be one of the biggest successes, and definitely has the successful ratings to go along with the creative success on this season of Arrow. Durring this season the Arrow was put up against The Flash in a fight that was less than fair. A fight that left the Hood outmached scrambleing to find away to come out on top.

Well ladies and gentlemen, we may see that smae scenario again (on Wednesday) when the Arrow is set to do battle against Felicities boss Ray Palmer, in his ATOM suit.

The episode for this week is titled Suicidal Tendancies, which seems to fit the M.O of both Palmer and Oliver. This episode will have a new featurette; A an epic battle between Ray Palmer and Oliver Queen. One can only what they will be fighting about. Felicity? How Palmer thinks the Arrow should be stopped? one can only guess.

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights at 8 ET/PT on The CW.



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